Game Day Leopard Tee

Sublimation print and bleach on a Gildan super soft, poly/cotton, pre-shrunk, unisex tee. Please note that black is a hard color to bleach. Because of this, design shades may vary. 

*Bleached tees are weather-dependent. Rainy/cold/windy weather may delay production, but we take advantage of every sunny minute! Bleaching is a process of destressing and discoloring the tees, so no two will be the same. Bleached tees are washed before shipment.

*Sublimation is like a "transparent" print onto the tee. Unless pressed onto a white or bleached tee, the design will have a tint of whatever color the tee is. Sublimation has a zero texture touch and may sometimes provide a "vintage" look. 

**By purchasing, you are agreeing to processing/shipping terms and policiesProducts are not made until they are ordered. Jewelry is not included with your tee.

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