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Hi there! My name is Lisa Cano and I am the owner and designer of Daydreamer Designs and Boutique. I suppose every small business website should have a cheesy "about me", right? Ok, let me pour this glass of wine and begin ;)

Summer of 2015, I was entering my last year of Grad school. I was still unsure of exactly what I wanted to do with my life, but Mama always told me to get an education! I just assumed by the time I graduated, I would have it all figured out, right? I was studying Sociology at the time, with dreams of working in the CPS field or as a school counselor. But I suddenly realized I was wayyy too emotional of a person to handle such a tough job. I was lost with what my future would look like.

I decided to hit up the mall during tax free weekend to update my wardrobe. Such a headache of a shopping trip, but [literally] ever penny counts when you're a College student. I remember looking at the jewelry section of a Big Box store. I picked up a pair of, what I thought were, cheap earrings, only to see that they were $50! Nope! Not today, Satan! {I'm just gonna put these back, right here...}

That evening when I got home, I thought back on those earrings. You know that feeling us ladies get when we didn't buy something ;) Suddenly, LIGHT BULB! I'm gonna make my own dang earrings! That was the moment I decided I wanted to create something fun and unique that even broke college students, like myself, could afford. I never imagined my little rebellion would turn into a full-blown business!

Flash forward... In 2019 I purchased an enclosed trailer that was used as sleeping quarters on a deer lease. I converted the trailer into a mobile boutique and take it to all of my events. This has been the most exciting part of my journey so far. At this time I added other types of jewelry, clothing, and accessories to my boutique.

In early 2020 I made the decision to re-brand to Daydreamer Designs (from Mermaid Kisses). I decided to do this because I felt "Mermaid Kisses" gave off a beachy and/or kiddy vibe. In deciding a name, I went with Daydreamer because it was the name I gave my jeep.

In April 2020, I moved into a larger office so that I could expand operations. This was also during the Coronavirus pandemic so business was a little slow. I took advantage of the small break to start my graphic tee line and work on other new ventures.

I am so excited to see what the rest of 2020 brings Daydreamer Designs and Boutique! Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my little dream!

PS: Daydreamer Designs is also available for wholesale. Our brand is now offered in thousands of shops across the US :)

We are also a proud member of the Boutique Hub! Find us HERE!